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Soundboard Ocker Yoda

By J.Ruiz posted September 12, 2014

Ocker Yoda features some of the most wacky aussie slang/phrases spoken by the master himself and the Worlds First fully Customizable single word PHRASE BOARD in an app with Phrase Recording..

( Exclusively on Google Play ).

Ocker Yoda is Professionally Voiced by Bryan Pike, if you want more information visit :

Worlds First Fully Customizable Single Word PHRASE BOARD

with Phrase Recording.

Ocker Yoda is Professionally Voiced by Bryan Pike

Ocker Yoda says :

"Pull your head in"
"Come a Cropper"
"Chuck a Wobbly"
"Chook Raffle"
"Fair Dinkum"
"Good on Ya"
"Nick Off"
"Too Right"

+++ many,many more
or your own customized
words and/or phrases


* Save sounds as notification, phone, alarm or contact ringtones. **

* Share a sound through E-mail, Skype , SMS , Bluetooth or any other service available on your phone.

* A Unique See-Thru Settings Panel allows you to modify the sounds volume and pitch on the fly through the panel ( pitch = Slo_Mo to Chipmunk ).

* Customized Favorites - Press the star on a button to add that button to your custom favorites board.

* A Text Reference panel for all of the sounds to get context for a quote.

* The Phrase Board lets you use single word soundbites to make a sentence.

Unique features

*NEW* Features Never before on any other soundboard and Unique to this Series *NEW*

* The Ability to Record single word soundbites on your PHRASE BOARD into one file (no limits) and then save as ringtone,alarm,share etc.... ( REC , PLAY , STOP ).

* Fully Customize your PHRASE BOARD with over 300 + single word soundbites to choose from and an easy to use TAP to REPLACE system anyone can use.

* That gives you 12 permanent 1 and 2 letter soundbite word buttons and 56 single word soundbite buttons to play with on one screen. More than any soundboard ever made.
Making a massive 14,000+ combinations to make virtually any phrase you want.

+ hidden easter egg soundbites ** find them all **

Unlimitless Possibities

* A Random Phrase Generator for your PHRASE BOARD, select from 1 to 20 words and select the distance between words then press PLAY to hear your random phrases
"LoL" , you can also save as ringtone,alarm,share etc...

* Original Ocker Yoda Artwork Picture Gallery Viewier and some Aussie/Ocker Tidbits.

* Phone or Tablet compatible ( minimum 480x800 resolution )

** All saved sounds have an ASB prefix with date & time created and are stored in your sdcards /media folder for your convenience. **


Newcastle, Australia

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